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 神様のご品性は私たちとは全く違うはずなのに、なぜ愛の神様がご自身を「ねたむ神」と言われたのでしょうか? それは、神様がそれほど強く私たちを愛してくださっているからです。




セブンスデー・アドベンチスト八王子キリスト教会 牧師:伊藤 滋

English Ver Jealous God

When I was a child, I liked a girl. However, I was careful not to express to my attitude that I like her.

I liked her, so I was looking at her all the time.

When I saw another boy talking with her very friendly, my heart was very upset. At that time I noticed that "I am jealous."

Jealous is a very strong emotion. We are jealous when we can not receive the affection or interest we want.

We hardly can dominate it by myself. I often want to erase jealousy from my heart.

“You must not have any other gods except me.… You must not worship or serve any idol. This is because I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God.

(Exodus 20:3,5 ICB)

According to the Ten Commandments, God says about Himself "I am jealous God."

Why did God say so? The character of God is different from us. He has perfect love. Because God loves us so much. When our hearts turn to other things, God grieves deeply.

God said that “You must not have any other gods except me.” He is seeking us so strongly.

I think that God's so strong love is expressed in this word.

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