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“No prayer, No power.”(祈りなしには力なし)今回の研修で学んだ言葉の一つです。



セブンスデー・アドベンチスト八王子キリスト教会 牧師:伊藤 滋

English Ver “No prayer, No power”

I returned from the Philippines that was CLAP program. It was so blessed. God gave us many meaningful lessons, encounter, and beautiful memories. I really appreciate with God because of them.

One night, I was talking with my roommate. I asked him. "When did you come to have the idea of becoming a pastor in the future?"
"When I was childhood, my grandmother always encouraged me to become a pastor, and she kept praying for me, I began to feel like wanting to be a pastor. "He replied.
His grandmother passed away before he became a pastor. He is sorry for that. But I felt that her prayers showed him a way and made him a pastor. His grandmother passed away, but her prayers guided him.

We heard the story of a pastor who is working as a missionary in Nepal with a vesper on Friday night. He did not rely on the help of organizations and people, but instead went to just only focus on God's promise and began working on evangelism in Nepal. Nepal is a country with many Hindus. Missionary Christianity in such a country is accompanied by a lot of difficulties.

But whenever he encountered difficulty, he gave a sincere prayer to God, and he heard a story of God's experiences that God made the way in response to that prayer each time.

For the eyes of the LORD range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him  (Chronicles 16:9 NIV).

“No prayer, No power”. It is one of words that I have learned by this session.

I know this word is truth. But I was realized that I didn't pray for God with sincere prayer in my Christian life. God is inviting us to a sincere prayer experience. How would you respond to it?

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